The Ascension Lenten Companion

Are we asking too little from God in our Spiritual Lives?

Father Mark Toups believes that God is always wanting to give us more, but we aren’t asking for it. “He (God) wants to help us overcome our weaknesses, help us stop falling into the same old patterns…He wants to give us freedom.”                                                                                                      

Father Mark Toups, an experienced spiritual director, leads readers inward to invite the Lord to heal those areas where they need it most.  He follows the same format as his popular ADVENT REJOICE journals.  Readers receive daily guidance as well as supplemental videos to help enter more deeply into Lent and remain focused throughout the season. Anyone can access these guided meditation videos on the website, even if you do not purchase the journal.

Check out the promotional video here.

The journals are SOLD OUT. If you would like to follow the daily guided readings, the Kindle version of the book is sold on Amazon.