Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministry serves the needs of the sick, elderly and hospitalized members of Holy Family Parish.

Prayer Book of Intentions

These prayer requests are offered up at every Mass.

Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls are knit/crocheted for members of our parish who could benefit from the warmth,
blessings and caring prayer that these shawls represent. If you know of someone who would benefit
from the comfort of a prayer shawl whether it is a family member, friend or neighbor, contact Patty to
receive one.
For more information, please contact Patty at 306-535-8251 or at

Caregivers’ Prayer

“Comfort, O comfort my people, Says your God.” (Isaiah 40:1)

Here I am, Lord.
I seek your vision and strength.
I call upon your steadfast love.
For you are with me in my desire
to care for and comfort your people.
Open my eyes to see sorrow.
Open my ears to hear distress.
Open my heart to love patiently.
Open my lips to speak kindly.
Walk with me, Lord, and guide me.
Renew my spirit and bless my work.
Strengthen me to care for the ill.
Inspire me to see new horizons.
Fill my heart with hope.
You have heard my prayer.
Sandra Lucas
Humility of Mary Health Partners
Youngstown, Ohio

The National Association of Catholic Chaplains