CWL Membership

  • There are three categories of membership to choose from:
    • Active – Attend meetings, help with events and possibly serve on the executive
    • Partially Active – As time permits, attend meetings and help with events
    • Financially Supportive – Pray for members and causes of the CWL
  • Your ideas, talents, enthusiasm and prayers are needed to ensure growth and longevity. Through your efforts, prayers and sharing of your gifts, you will be blessed.  All ages, talents and traditions are appreciated.  Helping people in your community allows you to live your Christian values and be a positive role model for your family.  The CWL celebrates a healthy family life.  When we share our God-given gifts, wonderful things happen.  As the prayer of St. Francis says, “for it is giving that we receive”.
  • New members are always welcome at any time. The annual membership fee is $35.
  • Click here for the membership application.