CWL Members Make a Difference

  • Belong to a grassroots parish-based organization that is part of the largest national organization of Catholic women in Canada.
  • The CWL was founded in 1920 and has met annually with all levels of government since the 1970’s. The Saskatchewan Provincial Council of the CWL was established in 1948.
  • Participate in opportunities to become involved in the regional, diocesan, provincial, national and even international scene.
  • Be part of the blueprint for all Catholic women. Share your gifts and make a difference.
  • Be part of united Catholic women expressing values, promoting dignity and justice, advocating for human rights, responding to political and social issues and supporting resolutions impacting families and communities at home and abroad.
  • Whether as mothers in families, as a vital presence in the workforce and the institutions of society, or in the particular vocation of following our Lord … women have an indispensable role.